about  LHDart

LHD Art is a self taught artist who is passionate about people feeling safe to be their authentic self and this is reflected in the work she exhibits. She has worked on a variety of creative projects showcasing the beauty of people using their bodies they way they were designed to be used.

Her works from her "Burlesque", "Femme Domme" & "athletes" projects have been showcased around the world. Her solo exhibitions have toured Australia, Korea, New Orleans, Los Angeles and Florida.

LHDart has a particular focus on life drawing that exposes the strength and beauty that is in everything living. Her work reflects her passion for people being brave enough to be their authentic self.

Her works are not only life drawing but are often captured live while people are performing the activity they are engaged in.

This can be quite challenging both artistically,  emotionally and most of all challenging her ideas of what and why people do what they do. ​

LHD art Works

"She’s mad but she’s
magic. There’s no lie in her fire.”