The Breast Version of Yourself

As some of you may know my mum passed away from breast cancer earlier this year. Her sudden departure has created a heart ache I cannot comprehend let alone explain. Mum never visited a doctor and she always had an explanation for any symptoms she was exhibiting. I know my whole family wishes we made her see a doctor, or that we knew. spinning my mind in circles wondering if she knew and thiswas her choice or if she just never noticed changes in her body. I will only ever be able t speculate on this.

I really loved my mother. She was so strong and courageous. She was a brilliant musician ad challenged me in my thinking every conversation. She was an artist. She taught me to never compete with other women but to raise them up and support them. she taught me how to love and how to learn and how to draw. is short she was ROCKIN.

I feel like I have some how joined a secret club. you know how pepe keep addingyou to that facebook group that you dont care about and you keep leaving and they keep adding you back in... eventually you just wan to block them and have it over?!?! the only difference is this is real life, this isa group that no one elese understands unless hey are in it, and to be honest, I really just want to be able to leave the group and block the jerk who keeps adding me to it. but this is now my life and I am struggling to understand.

So this brings me to my method of dealing and processing all this that I cannot comprehend. My grandmother having two mastectomys and Leukeamia and living to be in her late 90s, my own proceedures on my breasts and how awkward and confronting this is, how it challeges you on yor own sence of self worth, sexuality and confidence and then th devistating loss of my mother.

I know my mum was an activit at heart. SHe was always marching on some picket line, or argueing in fderation for better rights for people. She was a strong advocate for womens rights an eduation or women. after she passed I found out she donatedmoney to help a fund school for young women in india. so... in the closest way I can be an activist like my mum, I have started a project of drawing breasts, bosoms and boobs to increase awareness. I aim to create an adult colouring in book. If all goes well, and people suppoort this project, I will be donating 20% of profits to breast cancer research.

At the moment I am lookin for models. Real ife men and women. I am hoping to show te beauty in the diversity that is in ech person. te fantastically bouncy big round boosoms that are uncannily symmetrical are great... and so are the tight perky tiny titties and well as the mesmorising uneveness of the human body.

I hope people are encouraged and willing to support this project as it is very dear to my heart.

This should be an interesting journey...

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